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Alberto, Dual Degree Graduate 2009 EMLV-Politecnico di Torino, Head of Strategy & Business Development Italy at Dennemeyer Group




Alberto Grimaldi received a dual degree in Industrial Production Engineering at the 

Polytechnic University of Turin and International Business and Supply Chain Management at EMLV Business School Paris- La Defense. He studied in Paris during the second and fifth years of his Master Program, which helped him launch an international career with Dennemeyer Group, an IP management global firm based in Luxembourg.

Alberto works for a company that enjoys 55 years of steady evolution as one of the most progressive and technologically advanced intellectual property firms in the world.

Since 1962, Dennemeyer Group opened more than 20 offices, on all continents. The company’s plan was to serve its customers wherever they want to protect their IP, in their language and in their time zone. At EMLV, Alberto was challenged academically and he also landed his first internship in a French company, not “any” company certainly: Generali Real Estate Paris.

From Italy to France

I applied for a particular double degree program at Politecnico di Torino. I was looking for an international program, that could mix perfectly technical and management classes.

I had an admission test to join a limited number of students (15 students) that every year could enrol for this Management Engineering program, attending 1st year in Turin, 2nd in Paris, 3rd in Turin, 4th in Paris, 5th in Turin. At the end of the 5 years I graduated from both Politecnico di Torino with a Master of Science in Management and Industrial Engineering, and from EMLV with a Bachelor in Management.
I finished in 2011 my Master of Science and I was selected for the Italian Vodafone Graduate Program. I worked with Marketing/Finance Department of Vodafone for 3 years. Later on, I joined KPMG Management Consulting as a Senior Consultant focusing on digital, innovation management, corporate finance.

I then worked for AON Risk Management and data analytics services, where I was in charge of some Italian special projects. In January 2019, Dennemeyer Group hired me to start up and lead their business in Italy.

How EMLV helped me in the business world

Definitely the mix of technical classes from Politecnico and management classes from EMLV was the perfect training to start my career with the right background to face the actual business challenges.

EMLV classes were really practical and business-oriented, and this was really useful to get out in the real world not just with theory but with practical experience gained also during 6 months internship (Generali Real Estate Paris).

I remember with pleasure the incredible BDE, and their fantastic parties as well as the Integration Weekend. From the very first day, I had the perception to be part of an amazing training program, in a top-level Business School, with top-level faculty and staff.

Attending a double degree program for me was, and is definitely a plus. Actually I’m working for a Luxembourg company, with offices all over the world, daily connected to drive our business, and I’m using my French and English knowledge every day. I have international connections since my years at EMLV, therefore I strongly recommend everyone to attend an international program to broaden your personal and professional horizons.

My advice is …

Always think big and act big!

Read the full article [HERE].

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