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Accompagnement à la générosité et au don, conseils en montages de projets philanthropiques, fundraising, relations entreprises, grands donateurs particuliers et leurs conseillers financiers. Optimisation fiscale et patrimoniale par la générosité, dons transnationaux (Europe, USA), formations en philanthropie...

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Director of development france & benelux

Epic Foundation

De Septembre 2016 à Aujourd'hui

Founded in 2014, Epic Foundation is a global not-for-profit startup based in New York City. Epic Foundation bridges the gap between a new generation of individual and corporate donors and organizations supporting children and youth. We are developing new tools focused on enhancing how donors select, monitor and experience their impact. Our vision is to disrupt the philanthropic industry by combining passion and expertise with game-changing technology and partnerships.

Learn more at, on Facebook at, on LinkedIn at and on Twitter@Epic_Foundation

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EMLV – Commerce et Gestion – Axe Commerce Marketing – 2005